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Discover Your Path to Success: Study Abroad with Trikka's Expert Guidance

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Trikka – your ultimate destination for top-tier visa consultancy services! Our unwavering dedication is geared towards seamlessly helping students realize their dreams of pursuing higher education overseas.
Drawing on years of experience and intimate knowledge of the visa application process, our competent professionals provide bespoke assistance designed just for you.

Why Trikka India

Over 10 Years of Experience

Our experts have assisted over 1000+ students achieve their dream of studying abroad.

95% Success Rate

Our personalized approach and attention to detail help us stand out from the competition.

Extensive Network of Partners

We collaborate with top institutions and universities around the world.

How do we help students?


Our team of experts offers students much-needed guidance as they navigate their journey to studying abroad. 


Test Preparation

At Trikka, we recognize the vital role that standardized tests play in the admissions process. We offer comprehensive test preparation services to help students achieve exam excellence.


Course, Country & University selection

We provide in-depth research into course options and rankings alongside personalized recommendations based on each student’s academic background, career goals, and budget.


Application & Admission

We work closely with students to prepare their applications meticulously while keeping track of requirements and deadlines – ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish.


Education Loan

Financing educational pursuits can pose many challenges; however, securing an appropriate loan doesn’t have to be one of them when you work with us.


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