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Immigration comprises profound factors, such as comprehensive understanding, knowledge, processing timeframe, advisory solutions, and so much more. And when it comes to integrating these into a piece of expert advice, field authority is imperative. This is where our expertise can turn things around for your ambitions.

At Trikka India Immigration Consultants India Private Limited, our forte lies in delivering the utmost guidance and gradual methods, allowing the client to gain complete knowledge about visa formalities and processing.

Led by a team of Education and Travel virtuoso, we aim to provide our clients with a sustainable environment where they can acknowledge and understand the immigration world in simple ways.

Our Key Principles


False promises tend to derail an individual’s immigration journey. That’s why we ensure honesty at every step.


Transparent consultation is ingrained into our foundation. We celebrate every client’s success as ours.

Individual Approach

Every client is different - and we understand that it’s not just an individual file but someone’s dreams of settling abroad.

Precise Information

Since immigration is a vast space, we ensure precise and concise information is provided to our clients at all times.


We’re destined to provide our clients with the best results and the best results only.

Fast & High Success Rate

With undivided attention to optimize your chances of moving/studying abroad, we thrive on a high referral rate from happy clients.


For several years, we have assisted thousands of migrants, comprising Work permits & PR Holders, and Students to reach their dream country.

With industry experts minding one’s P’s and Q’s, we have made our way into the immigration field with a potent grit to become an industry leader, assisting over 10,000 migrants.

Not only do our figures speak, but we have also spread a million smiles with continuous due diligence and hard work.

Our Motto!

Giving Wings To Your Dreams.

Trikka India has been an impetus to make individuals achieve their dreams of settling abroad for education and immigration. That said, our value-added solutions include countries such as Canada, the UK, and Australia, followed by many more.

With expert process maneuvering and documentation, we’ll mitigate all your challenges and hassles in no time. From the first step – counseling, to visa stamping, we have everything covered for you.

In short, right from the very start up until you land, it’s TIIC for you.


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