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Welcome to Trikka India Immigration, your reliable partner for visa and immigration assistance. We understand that deciding to move to another country can be challenging, and we’re here to help you make the transition as easy and stress-free as possible.

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We provide a diverse range of visa services, catering to the needs of workers, businesspersons, students, families, diplomats, and tourists alike.



We offer visa services that cover a vast array of countries around the globe, including highly sought-after destinations like the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many more.


Travel Assistance

We can help you find the best flights, hotels, and other accommodations that match your travel preferences, ensuring that your trip is hassle-free and seamless.

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Looking to make a new start in a foreign land? Let our Trikka India Immigration be your guide.

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At Trikka India Immigration, we take pride in delivering reliable and current visa information. Our team stays abreast of the latest visa regulations, and we are always available to address any queries you may have regarding the process

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With our strong presence across various industries and countries, our visa services are easily accessible to you, regardless of your location. Our team is always on hand to aid you in your visa application, address any concerns you may have, and facilitate your travel arrangements.

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If you aspire to settle abroad and pursue your dreams, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Trikka India Immigration’s team is eager to assist you in exploring our visa services, selecting the most fitting visa category for you, and helping you choose your desired destination. We are dedicated to supporting you in embarking on a new journey in a foreign land and anticipate the opportunity to work with you.

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Work Visa

Do you want to work abroad? If so, seek our work visa assistance services. Our team can provide comprehensive guidance on the application process, ensuring that you fulfill all the requirements and have all the essential documents necessary for your work visa application.

Business Visa

In need of traversing to a foreign land for business purposes? Our adept specialists are capable of furnishing you with a comprehensive guide on the application process of the business visa. We provide proficient advisory services, ensuring the availability of ess

Student Visa

Our experts can offer you priceless assistance in obtaining a student visa if the idea of studying abroad crosses your mind. You will be guided by our knowledgeable assistance through the prerequisites and application procedure, ensuring that you have all the required paperwork for a successful student visa application.

Family Visa

If you are concerned about being separated from your loved ones, fret not. Shifting to a foreign country with your family is no longer a daunting task. Many countries offer various immigration options for families to settle together.

Permanent Residency

Our Permanent Residency Visa service helps individuals navigate the complex immigration process to secure permanent residency in a foreign country, enabling them to live and work in their destination country without the need for a visa or work permit.

Tourist Visa

If you're looking for a reliable consultant to help you obtain a tourist/visit visa for popular destinations such as the UK, USA, Thailand, Australia, or Schengen, Trikka India Immigration is here to help. We are a top-rated tourist visa consultant in India, offering expert visa consultation services for a wide range of countries worldwide.

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Planning to relocate to Canada? Confused about immigration experts and various immigration programs? Let our expert consultants help you!


Are you thinking about studying, working, or exploring Australia? Look no further than our specialized visa team for assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation.

United States

Whether your purpose is business or leisure travel within US soil - it doesn't matter! We will assist in acquiring B1/B2 visas along with ESTA authorizations so we guarantee successful trips which fulfill every goal of ours towards satisfaction.

United Kingdom

Trikka Immigration can assist you in navigating the complexities of UK immigration law to help you settle in one of the world's premier English-speaking destinations.

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    Dr. Krushna Chetty
    Dr. Krushna Chetty

    Australian Business Visa

    Thank you Trikkia India Immigration & Visa Consultants for your excellent service. Thank you to Ms. Mili and her entire team who are so helpful and loyal about their service. They always answered all my questions and concern at all hours without getting annoyed and supported me in the entire process. I got within a week my Australia’s Business Visa. They are really a blessing to us. I appreciate all your efforts and I’d highly recommend your service to others. Thank you again Trikka India Immigration & Visa Consultants for all the help.

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    We Provide The Best Way To Success Your Migration

    Embarking on the journey of migration can be overwhelming! At Tikka India Immigration, we are dedicated to easing your concerns. Our approach includes personalized attention, expert guidance and prompt support – all geared towards ensuring a hassle-free and successful migration.

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